Congratulations to #PPGKunshan Factory Manager, Mr.Zhong Jisheng who was proclaimed, “Kunshan City Model Worker” in China recently.

PPG Coatings Kunshan, which specialises in the manufacture and supply of protective and marine coatings—is one of PPG Group’s top R&D centres. Under the leadership of Mr. Jisheng, the automated production line, installed by Inkmaker, is up and running and the factory is now not only smarter but safer too.

From July 2019, PPG engaged #Inkmaker to make several technical improvements to its raw-material storage tanks, inclusive of; installing a fusible link valve for fire control; manhole vents to avoid overpressure explosion risks; increasing pipe corridors and steel structure platforms to ensure safety; upgrading its nitrogen seal system to reduce fire risk and upgrading tank-level interlock control system to prevent leakage.

Inkmaker also designed and installed a 5-in-1 safety information control system according to PPG’s strategic-safety plan and an #AutomatedGuidedVehicle operating system to provide material movement within the plant. Additionally, a fully automated filling line was installed with a capacity of filling 400 buckets per hour by a single operator.