It was good news all round for the Inkmaker Group as Inkmaker Shanghai opened its factory doors and returned to operations last week.

Inkmaker Shanghai (a member of the Inkmaker Group), had to remain closed whilst, those employees that could, continued to work from home. Such has been the case for all companies in China—being unable to commence work for an additional week after the Lunar New Year celebrations—as a safety measure to contain the current coronavirus situation. Since reopening, Robert Plachciak, Operational Manager of Inkmaker Shanghai, has ensured his team was on track with additional measures to maintain high-standards of attention and hygiene.


“We are up against several modifications to our daily modus operandi—such as checking our employees temperature before they enter the factory and wearing protective gear at all times—but we have a positive team that’s adapting well so there are no disruptions to production. I am particularly proud of Rob who is leading them diligently”, said Kar Seng, General Manager of Inkmaker Shanghai and board member of the Inkmaker Group.