Inkmaker worldwide Group has begun implementing cloud-solution technology throughout its global network.

The #SapAnalyticsCloud (SAC)—designed by renowned German-based SAP—will holistically integrate with Inkmaker Group’s existing data and planning, from multiple sources, and simplify them to systematic analytics. Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning Technology and Embedded Artificial Intelligence, through Smart Transformation suggestions based on the group’s global operations, the cloud-based solution will reveal deep insights and streamline critical information for faster, better informed data-driven decision making.

#CloudComputingg and Ai all align with our Group’s continued push into #Industry4_0, along with automation, data exchange, technology processes, cyber-physical systems #CPSS) and the internet of things #IoTT). As such we are pleased to be working with, the familiar face of SAP, our original partner with whom we implemented SAP S / 4HANA and SAP Leonardo’s IoT issues,” explained Cristiano Sabbatini, Business Process Manager, Inkmaker Group.

SAC earned top rankings in planning from #BARC’s Planning Survey 19, the world’s largest survey of Business Intelligence software users.