Rochdale, 15 Feb, 2021. UK-based Rexson Systems, a member of Inkmaker Group, has completed the installation of two ColorPoint IP colorant dispensing units at Colorplas International headquarters in Rochdale, United Kingdom.

The units, purchased to automate and streamline Colorplas’ production, are designed to shorten lead-time demands by supplying high-quality products on a “just-in-time” basis. Using industry 4.0 technology, the ColorPoint IPs dispense a shared range of 23 colourant and additive components for the manufacture of Coloured Gelcoats. One dispense-station is dedicated solely to small 10L-20L batches, whilst the other is focused on the production of intermediate to larger-sized batches.

“The teamwork of shared knowledge and planning with our colleagues at Inkmaker in Italy ensured that, regardless of the challenges of constant lock-downs, we were able to fulfil the installation ahead of schedule,” explained Martin Black, Area Sales Manager for Rexson Systems, Inkmaker Group, responsible for securing the project.

Leading independent British manufacturing family business since 1991, Colorplas, supplies a wide range of high-quality polyester gelcoats and colour dispersions to a broadening marketplace. Recognised as the “Pioneers in Service”, Colorplas continuous investment in new product and process technology, has secured them approximately a third of the UK’s Gelcoat market.

“The formula-dosing accuracy combined with production speed and the traceability of the work-orders of the new ColorPoint IP dispensers has given us the edge we were after. We have been working with Rexson Systems for a while now and have always been impressed with their quality and service,” explained Nick Parkinson, owner of Colorplas Limited,”the Inkmaker Group has an accomplished pool of expertise, and we are looking forward to work with them on the next project.”

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