The renowned #Piccolo solvent-based ink dispensing system, the first of 5 installations, was recently completed by Inkmaker worldwide—founder of Inkmaker Group—at a prominent international printing company.

The ink-management system, which includes the safe and reliable Inkmaker #inkdispensingsystem, features a complete design of the inkroom and LEV according to ATEX certified standards. A new ergonomic-workflow design also efficiently reduces the workforce of handling ink from 6 operators to 1 per working shift.

“The safety and ink #traceability aspects were vital for this installation, yet as all Inkmaker installations follow stringent audit standards of global brand owners like, Nestle, Unilever, Mars and Coca Cola, this was standard procedure for us,” said Roberto Guerra, CEO Asia, Inkmaker Group.

The system, using augmented reality for operator training and preventive maintenance, integrates seamlessly with #SAP for cost, stock and formulation control. It includes a human-errorless proofing unit capable of 100gms to 18kg production in minutes and the Maestro™ online #smartfactory system—renowned for its press-return recycling—which enables the management of 5 plants from a single control room via web app.