Inkmaker Group has begun a new #distancetraining programme together with its global partners. IMPaCT (Inkmaker Group Partner Collaboration Training) is the latest in a series of on-line initiatives by the Group specifically designed to take full advantage of the current, working-from-home, situation and keep its sales team united and aligned whilst broadening all participants knowledge.

“The IMPaCT programme, as the name suggests is a “pact” between Inkmaker Group and its allies, from various specialised sectors such as; IEC, IEC+ and GFC Chimica to share their latest R&D with our sales team. It acts as an open forum for discussion and is the on-line progression of our WEEK50 & TECH20 meetings,” explained Gianluca Incerti, Commercial Director of Inkmaker Group.

“Although Inkmaker’s factories in Europe and Asia are open and operational, some team members around the globe, are still in lockdown. This programme maximises their time and converts it into an initiative that can “IMPaCT” all in a positive way, in real time, and simultaneously. It’s typical of Inkmaker’s ability to turn a challenge into an advantage and for me this is what sets them apart from competitors.” said Arlen Ferrari of GFC Chimica, 1st speaker of the new initiative.