Great XPTations From Inkmaker Group’s Launch In Shanghai

Inkmaker Group’s new XPT-Systems Automatic Lab Dispenser launches today at the All in Print expo in Shanghai.

Lau Kar Seng, Inkmaker Group board member and General Manager of Inkmaker Shanghai, will highlight the special features of the new system that, amongst many features:

• increases success rates in colour matching;
• is fully integrated with most colour matching software in the market and Inkmaker Group’s dispensing system database (Inkpro / IMaestro);
• is designed for a one click formula confirmation;
• is clean and easy to reduce VOC;
• eliminates manual small sample weighing errors;
• has ultrahigh accuracy up to 0.01g;
• has super-small sampling batch down to 50g for lower wastage 50g;
• leaves a small footprint, even a micro LAB;
• has a seamless link to all existing Inkmaker dispensing systems.

“We’re very excited about this new product, which is a collaboration with our partners Fast and Fluid. I’d love to tell you more but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for today’s launch,” said Lau Kar Seng, Group board member and General Manager of Inkmaker Shanghai.

So if you’re in Shanghai drop by and say Hi today at stand N3B349 at the All in Print expo as Inkmaker Group reveal Xtraordinarily big news!

XPectT to be surprised!