Christophe Rizzo, Inkmaker Group’s CEO For EMEA & Americas Interviewed By Paint&Pintura

Sao Paulo, 26 October, 2020: Renowned editor Lucélia Monfardini of Paint&Pintura—Latin America’s foremost publication of paints, inks, varnishes and coatings—publishes an exclusive interview with Inkmaker Group’s CEO for EMEA and Americas, Christophe Rizzo.

The interview, aimed at Latin America’s Portuguese-speaking market, centred around Inkmaker Group’s recent acquisition of SWESA Dosiersysteme GmbH, a company specialising in customised automated dosing-systems for the food packaging, office furniture, tissues and heavy-duty corrugated packaging industries.

As well as increasing Inkmaker Group’s presence in Germany, the acquisition of Swesa Dosiersysteme GmbH has facilitated the Group to produce locally. The German market is highly strategic for the Inkmaker Group and many of its customers’ headquarters are located there.

Additionally the Swesa brand allows Inkmaker Group to deepen its specialisation into “special applications”; customised automated dosing-systems for the food industries, cosmetics and special chemicals.

“It is still early days to quantify the growth that this acquisition has brought to the Inkmaker Group, but all the signs point to a positive upsurge in the German market-share for the Group.” said Christophe.

Swesa is Inkmaker Group’s fourth acquisition since October last year. Due to the acquisitions, Inkmaker Group has grown by 25% globally. Taking into account the current challenges the pandemic has caused; this is on track with the group’s vision.

Inkmaker has been a trusted brand in the Brazilian market, for over two decades. Today Inkmaker is a prominent and loved brand throughout Latin America as witnessed at Paint&Pintura’s 24th “Oscars” of the Brazilian paint sector award ceremony, where they were honoured to have been voted Brazil’s “Industrial Tinting System” for the 7th consecutive year, as voted by the people of Brazil.

“Our investments have paid off, today the Brazilian market …is steadily growing (for the Inkmaker Group),” concluded Rizzo.