CD24 Cartridge Dispenser

CD24 Cartridge Dispenser for use with high viscosity offset inks & plastisols. Cartridge changeover or refill is quick clean & easy- because of a flexible design allows easy access.


 Whether dispensing from industry standard ink cartridges or direct fill—UV or conventional inks—you can count on the highest levels of accuracy.

The precision, drip-free valve and high accuracy scale ensures that you can easily duplicate colours.

Vale-Tech’s unique pump free design ensures constant rate of feed to the dispensing valve. No surge or undershoot- ensures accuracy every time.

10kg/22 lbs. capacity balance resolves to 0.1g
Fully automatic operation
Available with 12 up to 24 fixed pressurised refillable containers
Ink storage vessels- each can hold 2 or 4kg
High precision , long life dispense valves with Teflon® seals
Individual control of each ink storage vessel ensures accuracy and control of every color